Gothenburg Fringe festival


So proud and glad that my natural opera Mask and Man has been chosen to be one of the acts in the very exiting Fringe festival!

Gothenburg Fringe Festival is one of the very few festivals able to follow through this year and do so responsibly for the audience. It is the passion for live performances that will bring us all together during this festival. Click on the photo below to go to the facebook event with more info and link to billetto for tickets.

The opening performance of Mask and Man by @mariamartyr blew the audience at @kulturtemplet away, making it a must-see show today, and @stendereman was there to capture it!

Citat från festivalens officiella instagramsida @gbgfringe 6september 2020 efter att första föreställningen spelats för covid-anpassad fullsatt publik.
Foto av Sten Dereman nedan: